cristina allés dopico

Cristina Allés Dopico began studying at the Music Conservatory “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden in 2011. After completing her Bachelor’s degree under the tutelage of Prof. Pia Kaiser, she is currently a Master’s student in the studio of Prof. Arkadi Zenziper. In addition, she regularly studies with Prof. Carlos Juliá in Barcelona, and has attended masterclasses with Prof. Sintsev Leoonid, Prof. Roberto Bravo, Prof. Dina Parakhina and Prof. Yuriy Didenko.

As a chamber musician, she received instruction from Prof. Natascha Prishepenko, Prof. Gunther Anger, and Prof. Jörg Fassmann.

Cristina was the first prize winner in the Piano Competition of San Sebastian (2009) and in the 25th Premi de Música Ciutat de Manresa (2010). In 2012, she received 2nd prize in the International Young Pianist Compeition in Sumi/Ukraine.

Cristina was awarded the Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship in 2013, and her ensemble, “Trio Dopico”, received sponsorship from the Talentschmiede Dresden e.V.

As a soloist, she has performed with the Hochschulorchester Dresden and the TU Dresden Symphony Orchestra. Cristina regularly performs in chamber music engagements and participates in festivals throughout Spain, Poland, and Germany.

She has played in many festivals taken place in Spain, Poland and Germany. From September 2017 onwards, she teaches at the College of Music “Karl Maria von Weber” and at the Landesgymnasium für Musik in Dresden as accompanying pianist.