Nora scheidig


CRISTINA allés dopico




 Dear friends and dear audience, 


Here is a small update for you:

First of all, we sincerely hope you and your family and friends are well.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our CD release concert on June 12th, 2020 at Coselpalais Dresden and the following tour in June/July due to the Corona situation. 

All the more we are happy to announce that we have a new date for the CD release concert: 12.09.2020! 

(Of course under the condition that concerts can take place again until then). 

Also all further planned concerts will be postponed, for which we are very grateful. We will get back to you shortly with the dates! 


We miss the meeting with you and you very much and we are full of anticipation to be on stage again and to make music together for you.


We wish you a nice start into the summer and always a little bit of music around you!


Your Duo Dopico


 " Die Musik drückt das aus, was nicht gesagt werden kann und worüber zu schweigen unmöglich ist ..."

Victor Hugo