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 crowdfunding-campaign Duo Dopico
crowdfunding-campaign Duo Dopico


 We want to say YES! 

"Can I buy a cd?" - We finally want to answer this question with a YES...



Dear friends, dear audience, dear music lovers, 


The time is coming - we will produce a CD! 

We plan to go to the studio next Spring. We will record some of our favourite pieces. There will be music by Clara & Robert Schumann and the Spanish composer Joaquin Turinas. Let us surprise you.


The CD recording and production entail high costs. Therefore we need your support! 


We have started a crowdfunding campaign, which you can find under the following link and it works like this:


1) Click here:

2) Register with your name and e-mail address

3) Choose your Duo-Dopico package 

4) Transfer your amount by credit card/VISA to the indicated account

5) Look forward to our CD on your Duo-Dopico gift


We would be incredibly grateful if you would contribute your YES to our project and support us financially. Together we can make it happen!


See you at our next concert!


Duo Dopico 


 " Die Musik drückt das aus, was nicht gesagt werden kann und worüber zu schweigen unmöglich ist ..."

Victor Hugo